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Samedan (mt. 1721)

The heart of the lifestyle Engadine in Samedan strong beats.
Someone remembers the important role political and economic capital that plays as the Engadine, others to the airport, which houses both aircraft and recreational aircraft wing.
A lively and pleasing that it will leave amazed by the architectural quality that characterizes it. Golfers can play in Samedan on the highest in Europe, the connoisseurs of cuisine to satisfy even the most refined palates thanks to the presence of quality restaurants.
Do the old village with houses of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, which keeps intact its characteristics and Chesa Planta, in 1550, aristocratic home of the Cultural Center Romansh: substantial library and archives rich in historical photographs and documents.
Samedan is situated in the green: it allows long walks outdoors and is great at sports facilities.